ASCS Midwest Region


Midwest Region Action at U.S. 36 (9/7/07)

Natalie Sather (94s) battles with Kim Kennedy (1k) for the feature lead
Rob Hartman takes a wild ride in the feature
Three-wide salute at U.S. 36 Raceway
Jack Dover (53) and Tim Newman (18)
Rob Hartman (7h) and Brian Brown (21)
Forrest Sutherland (85s) and Stu Snyder (2d)
Natalie Sather (94s) and Corey Moore (17c)
Stu Snyder (2d) and Tim Newman (18)
Jarod Smith (24) and Forrest Sutherland (85s)
Billy Alley (1m) and Nick Bryan (6)