ASCS Midwest Region


Midwest at I-80 Night 2 #1 (4/17/10)

Jack Dover in ASCS Midwest victory lane at I-80 Speedway
Jack Dover enjoys the spoils of victory lane
Jack Dover with family and crew in victory lane
Jack Dover and the Gary Swenson crew in victory lane
Jack Dover
Jack Dover (24a), Lee Grosz (4j) and Chad Humston (1m) lead the three-wide
Gregg Bakker (11x) and Robby Wolfgang (7k)
Lou Kennedy, Jr. (21k) and Jack Dover (24a)
Doug Lovegrove
A.J. Selenke (43) and Tige Jensen (71)
Dylan Peterson
Ryan Roberts
Trevor Grossenbacher
John VandenBerg (k9) and Gregg Bakker (11x)