ASCS Midwest Region


Midwest at I-80 Night 2 #2 (4/17/10)

Gregg Bakker (11x) and Chad Humston (1m)
Eric Lutz (5) and Billy Alley (22)
Bryan Dobesh
A.J. Selenke (43) and Billy Alley (22)
I-80 Speedway action
Robby Wolfgang (7k) and Dylan Peterson (25)
Lee Grosz
Chad Humston (1m) and Clint Garner (40)
Dustin Morgan (93) and Mitch Runge (28)
Jack Dover (24a) and Clint Garner (40)
Chad Humston
John Klabunde (77) and Ryan Bickett (17b)
Robby Wolfgang (7k) and Gregg Bakker (11x)
Billy Alley