ASCS Midwest Region


Midwest at McCool Junction (5/22/2009)

Shane Stewart wins at Junction Motor Speedway
Shane Stewart
Shane Stewart (57) and Brian Brown (21)
Stuart Snyder (71) and Chad Humston (1m)
Bob Schaeffer
Brian Brown (21), Ryan Roberts (18) and Shane Stewart (57) lead the three-wide salute
Don Droud, Jr. (2) and Shane Stewart (57)
Brian Brown (21) and Ryan Bickett (17b)
A heat race pace lap with the McCool Junction water tower in the background
Heat race goes green
Eric Lutz
Jeff Heffner (14) and Johnn Cressman (15)
Jonathan Cornell (28) and Chad Humston (1m)
Steven Cross (19s), Ryan Bickett (17b) and Brian Brown (21)
Mike Boston
Jason Danley (82) and Chad Humston (1m)
Stuart Snyder
Gage Dorr