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Central Missouri Speedway
Central Missouri Speedway

Central Missouri Speedway

Warrensburg, MO Submit Info


  • 5 NE County Road V
  • Warrensburg, MO 64093

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Size3/8 Mile
BankingSemi Banked

Track Bio

Central Missouri Speedway (CMS) is a semi-banked 3/8-Mile (on the outside) Clay Oval track located 3.5 miles north of Warrensburg, Missouri on Highway 13.

Weekly racing takes place on Saturday nights from April to September in four divisions: POWRi B-Mods, POWRi Super Stocks, POWRi Midwest Mods, and POWRi Pure Stocks. CMS hosts special events racing on the "Big 3" summer holiday weekends: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day weekend.

CMS utilizes RaceCeiver one-way radios for all events. All drivers must utilize a G3 Westhold Transponder to compete. There is no rental fee for transponder use.

Drivers will wear an earpiece connected to the RaceCeiver during pre-race competition while in staging, during races, and post-race. Drivers failing to adhere to verbal instructions given by designated official(s) will not be scored for the race and will be sent off of the racing surface. RaceCeivers and ear pieces may be purchased or rented.

There are two general admission grandstand areas, one on the "front" side of the speedway where the flagman and and announcer's tower are located and the other on the "pit" side of the speedway, where drivers check in and stage from their pit stalls. There is a full concessionaire stand available on both sides plus restrooms and beer stands.

The front-side grandstand features grandstand seating running the entire length of the front straightaway from turn four to turn one. The announcer's tower as well as the flagging stand are located on the front side of the speedway, which is adjacent to Highway 13. The concessions stand on the front side features a wide range of food and beverages, including alcoholic beverages (must be 21 and have I.D. ready to purchase and consume alcohol). The track PA system is heard throughout the speedway on both the front and pit sides of the speedway. There is plenty of parking on either side of the speedway. Remember to lock your vehicles at all times, CMS is not responsible for personal, lost, damaged, or stolen items. Before and after the races, visit the Pub 13 Bar & Grill, open Tuesday through Saturday. Serving gourmet hamburgers and plenty of other "Pub" favorites in a smoke-free environment. Fully stocked bar with draft beers, cocktail drinks, and shot specials.

Outside food, beverages, and coolers are NOT permitted! Everyone must have an admission ticket or pit pass to enter the grandstand and pit areas, no exceptions!

The pit area is large and grass covered. Upon entering the pit area, competitors will have several options for parking their race hauler/trailer, including the first row to the right and along the perimeter fence, the side row along the side perimeter fence, the back row along the edge of the cut grass, and the island pit area, which is the center of the pit area.  Pit areas are not assigned and are available on a first come, first available basis. There is a pit PA system available; however, drivers and crewmen are urged to utilize the MyRacePass app and frequently check the lineup board at the registration tower for event details while races are taking place. DO NOT RELY SOLELY UPON THE PIT PA SYSTEM FOR RACE INSTRUCTIONS! See the directions link for an aerial view of the track.

Primitive Camping is allowed, please call in advance for arrangements:  Track Phone 660-747-2166 / Office 816-229-1338. There are no dump sites on the grounds. All campers must clean up after themselves and keep their camping area free of debris and clutter while staying on the CMS grounds.

Upon paying for your mandatory pit pass at the pit entrance, drivers will pill draw for their designated preliminary starting position for the night's competition (unless otherwise announced). Drivers will then need to find their chosen pit area for the evening and then immediately report to the registration tower (located on the north side of the pit-side concessions stand) for check-in with the tower pit steward. New drivers will be required to pay the required CMS registration fee and complete related forms. CMS uses the passing points system to determine race lineups.

You will find no other speedway that treats every driver the same no matter what class they compete in, what their last name is, or where they are from! Everyone is an equal at CMS, we do not play favorites! The CMS motto is "fast, fair, and fun for everyone" and we stick to this motto during our race programs.  Upon registering a rule book is offered to every driver and CMS encourages everyone to familiarize themselves with the rules. At CMS, the rule book is used, enforced, and followed! The CMS program moves at a swift pace and we wait for no one for anything, be prompt and responsible! Drivers need to be prepared and ensure they pay attention to the information board throughout the evening, the board is located at the pit registration tower connected to the pit-side concessions stand.