ASCS Midwest Region

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  • 1206 Road 4
  • McCool Junction, NE 68401

Quick Info

Size3/8 Mile
BankingSemi Banked

Track Bio

Junction Motor Speedway!

Delmar has been around racing most of his life and this has been a dream of his that he is making come true. He has stated “It’s like the guy who put up the baseball field in Iowa, have field, come play, it’s the same difference.”

The land for this track was purchased from Ron Real. It was a corn field before construction began.

The track actually sits on 50 acres of the 80 acres purchased.

There were 500,000 yards of dirt moved to build the track and there is 34 feet of fill at the deepest point.

It took about 1 & ½ years to get the track to the opening point. It is a work in progress. The most difficult part of the whole process was getting the permits for the buildings.

The track is considered a 3/8 mile track with a 6% banking on the straight-a-ways and 12% in the corners. The racing surface is 80 feet wide and 90 feet in the corners providing ample room for side by side by side racing excitement. The surface of the track is gumbo. The concrete retaining wall and cable reinforced chain link fence are built at a 90 degree angle to the track for added safety.

The pit area is located behind the wall on the backstretch, leaving the center of the track free of obstructions.

The Musco lighting system consists of 6 computer set light poles with lamps equivalent to candle power to daylight. It is one of the best available short of a back lighting system.

It takes about 1 & ½ days to get the track prepared for a race. The weather is an important fact in how the surface is prepared.

We will race anything that races on dirt, take a look at the schedule of events to see the various types of races to be here this year.

The fastest class of cars has been timed so far at 130 miles per hour on the straight a way, excluding the sprints.

The grandstands hold 4000 people and they are 33 feet tall. The foundation has been laid for another 8,000 seats to be added in the future for a total of 12,000 seats. High atop the grandstands is our JMS VIP Suite house. The press box sits in the middle with two roomy suites on each side. The suites each have seating for up to 16 via high top chairs. There is also a table and chairs to accomodate food set up and a full size refrigerator in each suite for use. Restrooms in the hallway of the suite house is for suite guests as well. Suite holders can also call directly to the Sidewalk Cafe Concessions and have their order brought up to them. (Free service but tipping is appreciated as it’s a long way up there;) Suites can only be accessed by a key card. For your reservations contact management at

We have a unique gift shop, in the main building, filled with JMS racing apparel, hats, NASCAR toys and so much more, including some very special NASCAR memorabilia.

The food area consists of self serve concession line(s) designed to speed the flow of people. A separate area is set up for beer sales as well as an ice cream area that includes the now popular smoothies.

Items available at the Sidewalk Cafe Concessions are: Fairbury Brand hot dogs, brats, 100% Angus Beef hamburgers and cheeseburgers, chicken strips, nachos, popcorn, pretzels (plain, salted, cream cheese filled), turkey wraps, Valentino’s pizza (beef/pepperoni), assorted chips and candy, sunflower seeds. Coffee, Hot chocolate, home made smoothies in assorted flavors. Several varieties of ice cream treats will keep the little ones cool and content on those hot summer nights.

We carry a variety of Pepsi products, our famous Angus Burgers and Valentino's Pizza along with a wide variety of other foods.

Check out our beer selection just two windows down. They carry Budweiser, Bud-Light, Busch Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Budweiser brand Rita’s (assorted flavors), Bud Chelada, Bud Light Chelada, Busch N/A and mini cans of tomato juice.

We hope this entices you to visit JMS and we thank you in advance for coming!