ASCS Midwest Region

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Park Jefferson Speedway - Class Rules

Below you will find the Class Rules for the different divisions at Park Jefferson Speedway. Read and Understand. If you have any questions, please email us through the contact page.

Park Jefferson - General Rules/Payouts

Below you will find the Park Jefferson International Speedway General Rules and Procedures for this upcoming season. Park Jefferson is an IMCA Sanctioned facility and follows all IMCA rules. Further information can be found at

Driver Information Sheets - Tax Forms

Below are the tax information sheets, as well as the Driver Information Sheets for Park Jefferson Speedway. Please fill out and bring to speedway at first show.

Parental Consent, Release and Waiver of Liability

There are two forms below in which you must download both forms and get one of them notarized in order to be allowed in the pits as a minor at Park Jefferson Speedway. Bring completed forms to the speedway on opening day. If you have any questions, you may email the track at Thank you!

Push Truck application and rules

Sioux City 300 Rules